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Tiger Eye Spiritual Meaning, Uses & Care

Tiger Eye Crystal Care:

This crystal is safe to run under cold water to cleanse it. It is also safe in salt water and sunlight!

Angels Associated With Tiger Eye:

Angels associated to this Stone are Michael and Uriel.

Chakras Associated With Tiger Eye Stone:

Sacral Chakra (the orange one just above your private parts)

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Tiger Eye:

  • Dissipates fear and anxiety

  • Improves ability to identify and solve problems

  • Protection against unwanted energies and harm

  • Eliminates confusion, clear mindedness

  • Strengths, will, courage, self-confidence

  • Softens stubborness

Physical Health Benefits of Tiger Eye Crystals:

  • Treatment of neck, throat and eye ailments

  • Reproductive organ benefits

  • Spine strength

  • Toxin reducer and pain reliever

  • Heals broken bones

  • Soothes over-stimulated nerves


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