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Tools for Manifesting Your Dream Life - Vision Boards

Vision boards work best when we are passively seeing them. When we focus too hard on them we create desperation energy which can push what we are trying to attract further away. This is why it’s best to create a vision board that is electronic so that you can passively absorb it's energies.

True story: I made a digital vision board and used it as my phone’s screen saver for a while. I later changed it to a holiday picture of my kids, however I had the same basic vision board as my desktop background on my laptop. After about a year and a half since making the vision board, my son asked about one of the pictures on it. I explained the vision board and he said "MOM, you have almost all these things already!" - I was shocked to see that after I set the intention and then ignored it, but passively absorbed it, that he was right. Mine had 11 items on it, only 3 of which didn't happen. I didn't go to Morocco with my kids (even though I saved enough money and could have), I didn't get to hug Oprah, and my house doesn't have a solarium on it. Every other thing I had gotten! I couldn't believe it! 


Pictures work better than words because they evoke more natural emotion. They also passively enter the brain more effectively because we don't have to read things consciously. Below is an example of what I would possibly use for a desktop background. For a cell phone background or lock screen, keeping between 1-4 items is plenty.

You can easily see that the pictures represent that I am passively manifesting good results on my investments, I’m hoping to get my kid to pray more and to be more willing to do his homework more independently, as well as keeping my closet more organized...

You can put an image that to you represents letting go of your guilt or a past relationship such as a person releasing a balloon into the sky. You can put something that shows you’re taking responsibility for your own well being such as a person doing yoga, reading, running, making a healthy meal, or whatever that means to you. You can put whatever you want on it! You can add financial goals, or put the car you want to buy on there, but it’s best done with images instead of text. If you want to start a podcast, you could put a podcast logo on there, or an image of a mom and daughter smiling to represent an easier family relationship. Do this however you want!

Do you want help determining what should go on your vision board? Let me, your guardian angels and spirit guides help you figure this out with a tarot reading! Different situations call for different styles of readings; for vision board planning, I recommend a FaceTime/Skype reading so we can talk through your goals and desires.

Use this template I designed to create your computer screen vision board on Canva! It's super simple to use. Simply drag and drop pictures that you want to manifest in your life into the squares. You can also change the color of the box, the text to be something you truly want, and have fun with it!

Use this template for to create your cell phone vision board background. Same rules apply as above!


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