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What’s the Difference Between Sun, Moon & Rising Signs? Why Should I Care?

Knowing your sun, moon and rising (AKA ascending or ascendant) sign is important to get the most the weekly tarotscopes posted here and my youtube videos, but it’s also true for basically any and all horoscopes you’d encounter unless the creator specifies otherwise.

I’d initially shared a video on this topic a few years ago those watching my monthly tarot readings on youtube. Many were watching their sun sign’s love tarot reading to predict what would happen in their love life for the coming month and unfortunately, it was the exact wrong way to go about this. 

While one’s sun sign can lend additional insight as to general occurrences with the capacity to

affect possibilities of romance (for example you could catch a cold and be out of the dating scene this week); one’s moon sign is going to relay a more detailed and accurate description of the vibe ones putting out, attracting in response, and the feelings surrounding it.

Lately, I’ve been focusing more of my time towards creating short weekly tarot horoscopes (check them out on Instagram, Facebook or here on my blog) for the zodiac signs than I have on youtube videos due to time constraints and tech issues. I wanted to share this information again because regardless of how my zodiac predictions are consumed these days, it’s still an important concept to understand to get the most out of the weekly tarotscopes. 

Here’s how to get a complete view of what you care about this week in your horoscope:

(scroll to the bottom for a link to get your stats if you don’t already know them)

The general overarching theme of your week: Sun Sign

Work, career or money vibes: Rising or Ascending Sign

Your emotional energy and love life: Moon Sign

Spying on a crush and fantasizing about what it’d be like to be with them: Their Venus Sign

People often assume that they should be paying attention to their own Venus sign to determine what is to come in their love life, however, I disagree. My understanding of venus energy (and therefore how my readings are intended for you to enjoy) is that they are descriptive of one’s specific love style. A venus sign is more like a love language, a typical way in which one shows love to others. This means that one’s own venus sign has little to offer them as far as predictions go because you already know how you act in relationships. You’ve been a part of all the relationships you’ve been in…

Here’s an example using my personal natal chart (AKA birth chart or star chart) stats to describe how to use this new information:

I am a Leo sun sign, so I first look at the Leo tarotscope to obtain the theme for my week. Perhaps this week it says I need to be flexible and try to go with the flow. I will keep this in mind as I read my rising and moon signs.

My rising sign is Virgo. Perhaps this week it says that other people are intensely more annoying than usual. Thankfully I realize this is going to mostly apply to clients and colleagues and not my personal life. I will then follow the theme of my sun sign and try to take this all in stride and not correct others (as my Virgo side is inclined to do) so that I may have a more peaceful week. If a friend asks me to play hooky I might go with the flow for the theme and actually do it even though it’s not something I usually would, just because I already know I’m not going to enjoy my time at work as much as usual.

My moon sign is Scorpio. Perhaps I have a crush on Tom, and I am wondering if there’s any chance he might finally ask me out this week. I then the Scorpio tarotscope for the week. I can assume that if it says this week is about focusing on myself, that it’s probably not my lucky week then.

I still want to know about Tom though, and so because I like him so much, I probably had someone get all the details I needed to run his chart already, so I know his venus sign in this hypothetical example. I see that it says “This week you finally have the courage to ask that person out!” and I get excited to see if he asks me out but I play it cool all week anyway because of my sun sign theme, and act like I don’t care or don’t notice when he asks Suzy out instead...

I hope this helps you get the most out of your tarotscopes! 

Here’s a link to a free natal chart.

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