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Zodiac Signs as Groundhogs: What's Up With Your Shadow Side?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

What is your “shadow side” and why would you want to see it?

Your “shadow side” contains all the personal characteristics, traits, behaviors, biases, inclinations that are true to who you are; but that you don’t actually desire to see or admit for your ego’s sake. It’s not easy to be honest with ourselves about our flaws, but we must fully accept them in order to be at peace and truly love ourselves.

Every year we put a cute little groundhog on TV and assess whether or not he sees his shadow. The result is supposed to predict weather patterns for the next while, and after we see that cute little critter we basically forget the outcome and go on with our lives. THIS year though, the groundhog is important (I literally saw one in real life, and it was mystical even though I didn’t know what it was and had to do a google image search of “gopher beaver” to find out). There have been so many (like at least five) signs over the last couple months leading up to today surrounding groundhogs. Five might not seem like a lot, but I literally haven’t EVER thought about them once until recently! Therefore hibernating, going beneath the surface of who we are, reflecting on that and then popping back up to face our shadow side is going to be very important in 2020!

This tarot reading serves to help you know what to focus on in regards to your zodiac sign’s shadow side this year so that you can fully and more truly be at peace and if love with who you are!


Your shadow side needs to let go of any fears about money. You don’t have to be afraid that you can’t afford something or that you won’t have enough money in the future. Listening to guided meditations on abundance, wealth and/or money can help you with this. You have the ability to attract lots of monetary wealth into your life, and the key to doing so is releasing your fears and doubts so you can believing in your own abilities to do this, and that you deserve it!


Just because others don’t give you a lot of praise doesn’t mean they find you bitchy or unlikeable. Your shadow side wants you to realize that things are always changing including other people’s situations and that a year from now things will be very different than they are now. You’re okay and you’re going to continue to be okay, so you really shouldn’t judge yourself so much. Your shadow side is trying to tell you that you can be happy without taking other people and their perceptions (even more your assumption of their perceptions and opinions) into consideration. Other people don’t have anything to do with your happiness. It doesn’t depend on others at all.


Just because things take a long time doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the effort. Be flexible and allow people to help you. Whether things take a long time or a short time, time passes regardless and your shadow side wants this to sink in.


Your shadow side doesn’t really believe that other people are helpful. If there are helpful people out there, you don’t have any luck finding them or they don’t want to help you. These mindsets hidden beneath the surface aren’t really serving you though. Yes, you have been betrayed. Yes, some people have little to offer so their help is worthless; but if you change your mindset you can attract useful helpful people into your life. If that’s really hard for you to release, a reiki healing would be an effective tool to help you work this out.

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Your shadow side wants to do everything the right way, especially when it comes to money. Perhaps you want to invest in real estate because you’ve read various articles claiming this is the best way to achieve wealth and secure your retirement. Perhaps you’ve got a different idea on the right way to handle money matters. Regardless of what your ideas are about what the right way to handle money and make more of it are, regardless of what the research says, or the level of drive and persistence you have to make your dream a reality, you need to let go if it’s not working out how you want or expect it to. If the universe is resisting and pushing back against you IT’S FOR A REASON. You’re not wrong that you have what it takes to be wealthy af to have a super secure financial future, but you are wrong that you should do it the same way everyone else does. Everything is happening for a reason and the push backs from the universe are telling you to change course, not to push harder. Evidence supporting this is for example the housing crash and recession of 2007, people that pushed hard to buy a home that was out of their price range in 2006, who persisted with all their might resisting the signs that it wasn’t for them, may have ended up obtaining the home only to end up having it foreclosed on when their income went down or they lost their job, or if they managed to keep it, ended up having an unsellable asset they paid way too much for that STILL hasn’t come back to break even point more than a decade later. Learn to let go of what your idea of the correct way to do things is and be flexible to try something new and different.


It’s time to examine your shadow side! Don’t go within trying to discover why life isn’t fair, nor to highlight what exactly makes you feel insecure, but to find out what actually makes you happy. You need to look within so that you can finally admit that your impulsive thrills can’t be a priority anymore in life because they don’t make you feel better for any meaningful amount of time. If you’re still clueless on how to find out what actually makes you happy or brings you joy, give yourself a tarot reading to point you in the right direction, or get one from me and I will help you figure this out! Click here to buy a reading!


As a water sign, known for being deeply emotional, its surprising to see that your shadow side is being neglected and ignored so much. You’re just NOT doing the work to figure out what actually makes you happy and to take control of your life in a meaningful way. While you’re correct that a lot of things in life that happen to us, are destiny, or other people’s fault. It’s good that you understand that not everything in life is up to you, but dwelling on this, keeping this fact in the front of your mind doesn’t help you. It makes you more pessimistic than you realize and it also prevents you from getting what you want. You need to get over the things that happened to you instead of focusing on them. This is further going to help you stop searching and searching for happiness and looking completely confused by hopping jobs or relationships all the time, starting a zillion projects or hobbies you won’t ever finish, starting a bunch of new diets, redecorating your house or changing your wardrobe over and over. If you don’t believe that you can find happiness, you probably won’t. If you don’t think happiness is destined for you, look at your wrist. If you have a palmistry line of happiness (if you don’t, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever be happy, just that it takes more concerted and focused effort for you, it comes less natural to your personality and biology), you’re basically choosing not to be happy by avoiding looking at your shadow side energy.


There are things that you don’t do because it seems too overwhelming. YOU CAN do them though. You just need to remind yourself that things are easy when you do them one step at a time. The best way to help you get things done that you avoid or never start because you’re afraid to fail is to use crystals! Scorpio’s February crystal of the month is perfect to help you succeed! Click here to see your Crystal of the month!


Sometimes we do all we can and we push hard and things still don’t work out how we want. This doesn’t mean that we give up on what we want, we just have to wait for the right timing. Making sure that the food you eat is nutritious will help you to keep going until the timing is right to present you the opportunities you’re hoping for.


You’re not giving many fucks about your shadow side, and that’s because a part of you knows that you’re not in control of everything. While many zodiac signs struggle with relinquishing control, you don’t which is good, but not if you’re surrendering to the idea that things are shitty and are going to stay that way. Things will get better either personally, societally, culturally, financially, etc. even if you don’t do anything to try and change things. Your shadow side wants you to focus more on finding happiness in simple moments despite how fucked up the world might be. An easy way to mindfully experience some peace, joy and contentment is by aromatherapy. Light a candle that you like or take a bath with some essential oils until the bullshit passes.


Your shadow side wants you to see that a lot of things in life have to do with your choices. There are lots of ways that you can choose happiness in your life. When you feel sad and taken advantage of you need to also assess why others had the expectation they could take advantage of you. Did you choose not to say no? Did you fail to assert appropriate boundaries? Keep in mind that when you fail to make decisions (a typical Libra trait) you’re actually making a decision not to make a decision, and that choice will have a consequence. You are responsible for the amount of power you retain and the amount you give away. Your choices are your responsibilities, and your levels of happiness and life satisfaction depend on them! It’s time to take ownership!


You have to wait for things to settle down before you make any big moves. Your shadow side wants you to focus on your health (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) before you move, start a new business, change career paths or anything substantial like that. If you need guidance on how to apply your focus or how long to wait, ask your tarot cards or click here to get a reading from me!


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