This 8 hour sleep hypnosis video track uses science and specific tones for each ear at alpha frequencies to get your mind into the perfect state of hypnosis to be open to:

suggestions of love and healing

to accept the positive affirmations that will help you to be open to love and to attract it

to remember you deserve love

to attract true love via the secret or the law of attraction (no more bad matches)!

clear away any blockages preventing you from finding the love of your life


The suggestive affirmations are spaced at the most effective distance, with the perfect amount of echo reverberation for your brain to suck in the messages and work on your subconscious! Don't be surprised if you wake up feeling lighter in your chest, if you feel more compassionate and loving, especially towards yourself!


Why should you download this recording instead of listening to one for free on youtube from someone else? There are MANY reasons, but here's a couple

1. If you're on my site, we already have a relationship, you trust me

2. I have hand selected the most effective affirmations, so you wont get bogus shit in your recording like "I love love" "I love being in love" because that's already true for you and it's not exactly helpful

3. I researched the eff out of this, got a degree in psychology, spent a crap ton on the right software to create this for you and I know what I am doing here... Anyone can throw crap on youtube and say it's effective when it isn't (although I am sure there's great content there, but why do you want to try a zillion to save a dollar?)

4. Like I said, it's only $1, you spent $1 on far dumber shit...


Sweet dreams, and may you attract the love you deserve! XOXO


Here are a few of the affirmations within the recording: 

My hearts open, I radiate love

I receive love in abundance

Love, kindness and empathy are the foundations of my relationships

The universe finds and provides me the perfects match

Attract Love In Your Sleep!