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Galena is particularly helpful for absorbing negative energies! It's massively supportive when you're going through massive life changes and increases your imagination and enthusiasm. It gives you courage, it grounds and centers you, and it treats any depressive energies you may have. It counters electromagnetic effects of electronics and helps fight insomnia! There's so much more this crystal can do for you! 


Cleansed and charged, it's ready to put to use! 


Included with your purchase is access to exclusive Crystal use videos that Patreon.com/tarotbleeaccurate subscribers enjoy! You'll also recieve in the mail a print out on crystal care, which angels are associated with Galena, and a more complete list of the General, Spiritual and Physiological uses for this beautiful gemstone! 


BONUS ADD ONS: Add up to 2 crystals psychically pulled to match your PERSONAL vibration at a deep discount, informational hand-out included in the package.


Click HERE to add 1 (ONE) psychically chosen CRYSTAL!


Click HERE to add 2 (TWO) psychically chosen CRYSTALS!


Weight is measured traditionally for crystals and gem stones, in grams. To convert to lbs, you can use this link. Length and height are measured in inches. Please see photos for measurement! 

Galena Crystal and Lesson Package